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These titles can be checked from the library – if you borrow these, they are the editions made just before those below – see me if you borrow those, and I can tell you what changes about the exam you should be aware of. If you choose to buy your own copies, then you have the option to write on the practice tests, make notes in the margins, etc. **Be sure to get the most current edition, as the exam was redesigned and older editions no longer apply. **

  • Achiever Exam Prep Guide for AP European History by Christopher Freiler (2017 Edition, 2e)
  • Cracking the AP European History Exam by The Princeton Review (2018 Edition)

Ms. Pierce’s Study Guides and Resources

DropBox Link to Study Guide, Helpful Handouts, and Class Presentations

Ms. Pierce’s Vocabulary Quizlets 

  • Unit 1: Late Middle Ages
  • Unit 2: Renaissance and New Monarchs (1350-1550)
  • Unit 3: Reformation and Religious Wars (1500-1650)
  • Unit 4: Exploration and Conquest (1450-1650)
  • Unit 5: Absolutism and Nation States (1600-1789)
  • Unit 6: Scientific Revolution and Enlightenment (1540-1789)
  • Unit 7: Social Change in the Early Modern Era (1650-1800)
  • Unit 8: French Revolution and Napoleon (1789-1815)
  • Unit 9: Industrialization (1750-1850)
  • Unit 10: Intellectual, Cultural, and Social Upheaval (1850-1914)
  • Unit 11: Nationalism and Imperialism (1850-1914)
  • Unit 12: Great War and Russian Revolution (1914-1922)
  • Unit 13: Depression and World War II (1919-1945)
  • Unit 14: Recovery and New Challenges (1945 – Present)

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