Helpful Review Resources:

  • Review Books:
    • One of the best review books, which was designed to align with the AP Human Geography College Board curriculum, is AMSCO’s AP Human Geography. This can be purchased as a hard copy or a digital copy for $18.95 at:

  • Map Quiz Practice:
    • can be used online or through their free phone app.
      • Includes quizzes for all countries, major cities, physical features, population densities, and international organization membership for all world continents.
      • Remember, it is critical to know the state morphology of major countries! You should be able to ace the World: Large Countries quiz by the end of the year. 
        • EXTRA CREDIT: 3 points a week for completing a practice quiz of your choice 3 times. You should pick quizzes that target areas you struggle with to get practice. To get the points, you must send me pictures by e-mail OR show me screen shots of your quiz results (3 images total)