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Week of  9/5:  History in Dispute: Charlottesville and Confederate Monuments

Directions: You will read at least four local articles about the removal of the Confederate Fountain in Helena. Afterwards, you will write a 2-3 paragraph response that outlines your stance on whether you  believe the fountain should have been removed or not. Use the following outline and articles to help you.

  • Paragraph 1: Background on fountain and controversy. A thesis that explains whether you support the removal or not, with a brief overview of why.
  • Paragraph 2-3: Use specific evidence from the articles you read, as well as what we have learned over the past week, to support your thesis.

Please see the following website about writing a thesis: Tips and Examples for Writing Thesis Statements.

You may write this on a digital platform (Microsoft Word or Google Docs) or a hard copy on your own paper.

Below are links to help you access a variety of Helena IR articles on the removal of the Confederate Fountain. This is not inclusive of all that is available, please see for even more viewpoints and perspectives.